Hans Moolman

Engineering Fellow- Immersive Technologies 

  • B.Sc. in Software Development, Specialising in Games Development, MTU Kerry Campus (formerly IT Tralee)
  • HNC and HND in Dental Technology, MTU Kerry Campus (formerly IT Tralee)
Contact details

Hans Moolman is a Virtual and Augmented Reality Specialist for the REEdI Project at MTU, Kerry. Hans holds a B.Sc. from MTU, Kerry (formerly IT Tralee) in Software Development, specialising in Games Development. He also has an HNC and HND in Dental Technology from Edinburgh’s Telford College. Hans has a wide breadth of experience working for national and multinational companies in various software development roles, ranging from website design and development to commercial app and system development. Most recently and notably he was responsible for researching, designing, documenting, and commissioning of the ACE – AgriTech Centre of Excellence AR/VR Suite at MTU Kerry, North Campus. He is also responsible for managing and maintaining the current systems as well as software development to compliment the hardware. Hans is passionate about new technologies and how they can be applied as business solutions.