REEdI Industry Partners

The REEdI Industry partnership is consistently growing. It is comprised of manufacturing organisations across multiple sectors- AgriTech, MedTech, Pharma, Electronic, Automotive and General manufacturing.

Current Partners

Each organisation agrees to support and inform the ongoing design, development and continuous improvement of the REEdI framework. Industry Partners are committed to the framework and believe that it will produce the caliber of graduates needed to meet future manufacturing engineering skills requirements.

In addition, Industry Partners agree that the REEdI framework could be easily applied to other disciplines. All Industry Partners are world leading manufacturing organisations and the diversity of their operations gives confidence with regards to the opportunities for work-based placements for REEdI students.

Current partners
Abbey Machinery
Action Zero
Analog Devices
Avonmore Electrical
Abbey Machinery
EPS Water
FlowTec Engineering
Abbey Machinery
RTR Electronics
Somex Automation
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Abbey Machinery

A day in the life of an Engineer


At Stryker NV, we make products to treat stroke patients.


At the Killorglin Astellas plant, we manufacture lifesaving immunosuppressant drugs for organ transplant patents.


At Nilan, we design, specify and manufacture heat pumps and ventilation systems.

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How does the REEdI Work based placement model work?

The purpose of REEdI work placement programme is to link theoretical learning to its application in the workplace. The REEdI Student Engineer will spend 2 years at the host industry partner gaining the essential industry skills and personal attributes an employer looks for in a graduate engineer.

This gives the REEdI Student Engineers exposure to a range of learning experiences in actual industry settings and presents the opportunity to interact and collaborate with experienced professionals. It offers a student the opportunity to develop their skills, to put theoretical learning into practice and offers the employer a focused and a talented resource in a particular project or job role.

Work placement provides industry with experienced work-ready graduates. In addition, the host industry partner will have opportunities to develop research links and engagement with the REEdI programme, MTU and partner universities. The REEdI work placement model serves as a recruitment mechanism with the potential to contribute to the overall development of employment-ready graduates. Furthermore, if students make such a positive contribution, there is real opportunity for the host industry partner to offer graduate positions on completion of the second placement year.