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REEdI will transform the way we deliver undergraduate engineering education in Ireland.
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REEdI will transform the way we deliver undergraduate engineering education in Ireland.

The project is a collaboration between the Munster Technological University and the University of Limerick. Our approach aims to be positively disruptive and transformative.

Building on the success of world-leading cutting-edge models of engineering pedagogy, we combine for the next generation of engineers. This affords a wealth of advantages in undergraduate engineering education provision.

We utilise new immersive technologies.

An innovative method of curricula design.

Student access to world class Science Foundation Ireland.

Self-directed and self-scheduled learning.

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REEdI aims to place Ireland at the forefront of Engineering Education by:

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  • Providing graduates in areas of identified skills needs for the manufacturing sector in Ireland.
  • Future proofing graduates with industry relevant skills for emerging technologies.
  • Promote and Embed Transversal Skills in our engineering programmes.
  • Reform and innovate higher education by building on best practice nationally / internationally.

How do I apply to become a REEdI Student Engineer?

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FET QQI/ Solas

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Our vision is to set the agenda for engineering education nationally

International best Practice in Engineering Education

There are six key pedagogical aspects identified by Ruth Graham (Graham 2018) as being International best Practice in engineering education reform and innovation:

Having good attention to detail is important for engineers, to make sure that the job gets done correctly, safely and on time.

Pathways and linkages for students to engage with the university’s research activities, often building upon rigorous, applied teaching in the engineering fundamentals. REEdI is addressing this challenge by having a strong research arm to the consortium.

A wide range of technology-based extra-curricular activities and experiences available to students, many of which are student-led’. REEdI is addressing this challenge by having VR/AR readily available for students to use, as part of undergraduate studies.

Multiple opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning throughout the curriculum, often focusing on “problem identification as well as problem solution,” and typically supported by state-of-the-art maker spaces and team working areas’. REEdI is addressing this challenge by having a state-of-the-art VR CAVE network available for students. In addition, the REEdI framework embeds experiential learning.

The application of user-centered design throughout the curriculum, often linked to the development of students’ entrepreneurial capabilities and/or engaged with the social responsibility agenda’. REEdI is addressing this challenge by having student-led, self-directed-learning and Project, centric work-based placement.

Emerging capabilities in online learning and blended learning; longstanding partnerships with industry that inform the engineering curriculum as well as the engineering research agenda’. REEdI is addressing this challenge by embedding online flexible, timely and relevant learning – the REEdI Topic Tree/ eLearning platform. In addition, our strong research partnership will ensure research innovations are embedded into our curricula.