REEdI Student Engineers

Different learning approaches are used on the REEdI Engineering Degree from learning in teams, on projects and using immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. In addition, student engineers get to learn from top lecturers in the field and work with world-class companies, learning much more through hands-on experience than in a traditional engineering programme.


Hear from our current REEdI Student Engineers on why they chose the programme and what they most enjoy about the course.


My name is Caren Karamagi.

I chose this programme because it uses a work based learning approach. Our lecturers have worked in industry and give us a insight into what’s really important industry.


My name is Michael Vieira.

I really like the blended approach to learning which this course has with the two years work placement along with a lot of new technologies which has been integrated into the course.


My name is Cillian Malone-Walker.

What drew me to the programme was the 2 years paid work placement. It’s very hard to get that experience after the degree so to incorporate that within the course is a big plus.


My name is Kate O’Connor.

I like the hands on part of the programme including the welding. I’m really enjoying the science side of the course which surprised me because I didn’t really like it in school.


My name is Dylan O’Connor.

I was always interested in working with my hands and I’m more proficient with doing hand-craft. This programme offered practical modules that so technologically advanced.


My name is Elena O’Doherty.

Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to be an engineer. When I saw that there was welding and practical modules along with the VR headsets I definitely thought this was the course for me.