Projects with Industry

The REEdI programme is a new way of teaching engineering in Ireland and will address the needs of industry for future ready industry students. The REEdI programme offers industry an opportunity to have engineering student in-situ working on everyday projects and tasks.

This allows for specialised students equipped with the just in time tools and knowledge needed for industry. Placement students bring real business benefits, as well as a wide range of key skills, new idea generation and most of all new energy to an organisation.

A day in the life of an Engineer

My name is Dean and I’ve been working in the engineering industry for 9 years.

At Nilan, we design, specify and manufacture heat pumps and ventilation systems.

My role in the company is as a Mechanical Design Engineer and I’m involved in the design and layout of these systems for domestic, residential and commercial settings.

A day in the life of an Engineer

Hi, my name is Siobhan Griffin and I’ve been working in the Pharmaceutical industry for 11 years.

At the Killorglin Astellas plant, we manufacture lifesaving immunosuppressant drugs for organ transplant patents.

I work as a Project Engineer in the Project Technology Group at Astellas in Killorglin Co. Kerry.

A day in the life of an Engineer

Hi, my name is Hannah McMahon and I’ve been working in the Medtec industry for just over 2 years.

At Stryker NV, we make products to treat stroke patients.

My role in the company is as a Line support Engineer. My job is to keep scrap levels and machine downtime low through innovative projects and problem solving.

List of key benefits

Setting up of a new project.

Completion of specific tasks.

An injection of new ideas.

Staff development opportunities that arise from employees mentoring students.

Student Engineers with the emerging skills your business needs now and into the future.

Opportunity to give a potential recruit a trial.

Having a pool of potential recruits with some general awareness of workplace culture.

Using students’ reflection on work experience as a recruitment criterion.

Developing links with HEIs for a range of purposes such as research and development, or targeting ‘high-performing’ recruit.

Student Benefits

Career Benefits

Developing an awareness of workplace culture.

Potential for commanding higher wages.

Short-term financial benefits.

Enhanced employment prospects.

Skills Benefits

Working in a setting which puts theory into practice.

Developing an awareness of workplace culture.

Opportunity to develop a range of personal attributes.

Development of key interactive attributes.


In some cases, living and working in another culture.

Appreciation of the rapidly changing world of work.

Building up a network of contacts.

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