Mechanical and
Manufacturing Engineering

Student engineers that graduate with a REEdI Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering will be perfectly placed to become Engineers of the future for Irelands Manufacturing sector. Our engineers have two years industry experience before they even graduate!

Course Overview

What is Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering?

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is a broad field of engineering. The course covers the full lifecycle of a Product or Process. Including Design Engineering, Production Support, Quality & Validation Engineering, Process Improvement Engineering. Learnt across a wide range of industries; Pharma, MedTech, Automotive, AgriTech, Energy etc.

Work with world class companies.

Paid work placement.

Learn using VR & AR technology.

What makes a good REEdI Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineer?

Having good attention to detail is important for engineers. Focus helps to make sure that the job gets done correctly, safely and on time.

You will be working with people at all levels. It is important to be able to effectively communicate with them.

Engineers are excellent problem solvers. They like trying to figure things out.

You will work with other engineers and non-engineers on projects. You will share ideas and work together to reach a common goal.

As Engineers you will work to solve problems for people. Therefore it is important that your work in an ethical manner, to keep everyone safe. This is really about the obligations engineers have to society, to their clients, and to the profession.

Engineers must be able to think quickly and use what they have available to them to solve problems. It’s about being able to think outside the box and applying your knowledge in many different practical and resourceful ways.

This is a key ingredient for coming up with innovative ideas to develop innovative products and services. Engineers constantly want to know how they can make things better.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math ‘s. These are the subjects that fuel the mind of engineers!

Facilities available

The REEdI Interactive learning tree

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Immersive learning opportunities

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Course Content

The first 2 years of this 4-year BEng (Honours) Degree Course will be Full time, Daytime on campus in MTU Kerry.

Students will then undertake Paid Work Placement for the remaining 2 years while also completing online modules relevant to this work experience and their own career aspirations.

The course is developed around the following academic themes:

  • Project Management and Transversal Skills.
  • Mathematics and Data Analytics.
  • Drawing & Design Engineering.
  • Mechanical & Process Engineering.
  • Manufacturing & Quality Engineering.
  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes.
  • Electrical & Automation Engineering.

Why choose a REEdI Engineering Degree?

  • On a REEdI programme you will get the opportunity to work with world-class companies- multinationals and small, medium enterprises in Ireland.
  • You’ll spend Year 3 & 4 of your degree on paid work placement with one of our leading industry partners. Working in a variety of manufacturing sectors- automotive, agritech, medtech, pharm and general manufacturing. See here for further information on the REEdI Bachelor of Engineering programme.
  • REEdI Student Engineers will be highly-skilled, employable, adaptable and flexible engineers of the future.
  • Learn just in time, not just in case.
  • Learn in innovation spaces as opposed to classrooms.
  • Learn and work in teams.
  • Learn using virtual and augmented reality.
  • Learn using online learning and the REEdI Learning Map. All engineering topics from fundamental to advanced will be available to you. You can navigate and explore these in your own time!
  • Study engineering topics that are specifically co-designed, co-developed with our industry partners. Ensuring you are industry and employment ready from Year 2 in your degree!
  • Year 1 & 2 when you are on-campus in MTU-Kerry you will work on projects for REEdI virtual clients!.

How to apply

The REEdI application process consists of a number of pillars:

Or Mature OR Non- standard results achieved through alternative entrance mechanisms. Learn more here

At REEdI we are looking for you to provide us with evidence of your suitability to undertake a REEdI Engineering Degree. We need to see that you are an innovative, creative, problem solver that is self-directed and self-motivated. There is no standard digital portfolio but the following guidelines apply. We will accept the following for the portfolio- projects undertaken as part of:

  • Leaving Certificate Engineering/ Design/ Construction studies/ Computer Science (with relevance to engineering) projects
  • SciFest projects
  • Young Scientist of the year projects
  • Junior Entrepreneur of the year projects
  • Other (e.g. mature students- projects within their industry/ work experience, F1 in schools projects etc)
  • Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss other portfolio/ options available

Points may be awarded for the interview. The points are equivalent to the normal CAO points system, and will be added to your Leaving Certificate/QQI/Mature OR Non- standard results when offers are being made via CAO.

The interview will be assessed on your presentation, career goals, relevant life skills and experience, awareness and preparation for, and knowledge of, programme.

We are looking for self-motivated, adaptable student engineers for the REEdI Programme


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Course Code

MT 834


BEng (Hons)/MEng (Hons)
Honours Bachelor Degree
Level 8 NFQ


4 Years

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Projects with

Becoming a REEdI Industry partner is simple. Click on the link below and tell us more about your industry projects and needs

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