REEDI Innovation and Enterprise FLEX (Future Learning EXperience) Competition

This is a competition to pitch your idea for teaching and learning Innovation and Enterprise skills.

Are you an engineer or aspiring engineer with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship? REEDI are excited to announce a competition for current MTU staff and students or prospective engineering students and industry engineers to share their ideas on how innovation and enterprise skills can be effectively taught in higher education settings.

To participate and be in the running for prizes all you need to do is pitch your idea in video or text format. This is a wonderful opportunity to make your voice heard and to have a real impact on the way innovation and enterprise skills are taught to student engineers.


Innovation and enterprise skills are the abilities and mindset required for identifying and developing new business opportunities, creating and implementing new ideas, and effectively managing resources and risks.

Innovation skills refer to the ability to come up with new ideas, products, services, or processes. These can include creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities.

Enterprise skills refer to the ability to turn ideas into successful ventures. This can include skills such as leadership, business management, financial literacy, and marketing.

Together, innovation and enterprise skills enable individuals to identify new opportunities and create value through the development and implementation of new ideas. These skills are important for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and managers, as well as for employees in any organisation who are tasked with identifying and pursuing new opportunities for growth.

Engineers are often trained to think in a logical and analytical manner, and to solve problems using a systematic approach. These skills can be very valuable in the innovation and enterprise process, where engineers can use their knowledge and skills to develop new products, services, and technologies that can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create new markets.

Additionally, engineers are often involved in the design, development, and implementation of new products, services and technologies. This can require not only technical expertise, but also business acumen, leadership, and communication skills, in order to effectively manage the project, to coordinate with cross-functional teams and to understand the market needs.

Furthermore, as the market and technology are constantly changing, engineers need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends, and be able to adapt and think creatively to come up with new solutions to problems. Having innovation and enterprise skills will help them to be proactive in identifying new opportunities and adapting to new challenges, and to be able to create new value for their organisation.

Overall, innovation and enterprise skills can be especially valuable for engineering graduates looking to start their own companies or to take on leadership roles within larger organisations, where they can use their technical skills to identify and pursue new business opportunities.

Competition Details

A winner and runner up will be selected from each of the three categories. Each category winner will receive a 100 euro one for all voucher, and each runner up will receive a 50 euro one for all voucher.


  1. Secondary School Student
  2. Current MTU Engineering Student
  3. Industry Engineer or MTU Staff

Closing date for Applications:
22nd March 2023 at 5pm