Last week the Rethinking Engineering Education in Ireland (‘REEdI’) team at MTU held the University’s inaugural Engineering Symposium as part of Kerry Science Week 2023.
This event brought together a diverse group of participants including academic leaders, industry experts, REEdI Engineers in Residence, and students, all united in their passion for engineering. This symposium was a celebration of the engineering world, offering a glimpse into the future technologies that are set to revolutionise our world.
At the heart of the event were the REEdI students from the Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at MTU Kerry (MT834). These students, known for their forward-thinking and innovation, showcased their course projects. Their work exemplified the spirit of innovation and collaboration that was the symposium’s central theme. These presentations not only displayed the students’ ingenuity but also provided a platform for them to connect with industry partners, opening up opportunities for placements and future career paths.
A notable aspect of the REEdI program is its unique approach to industry integration. REEdI Student Engineers spend half of their four-year degree in industry placements, a practice that enriches their academic experience with real-world applications. This approach ensures that when these students graduate, they are not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but also practical, hands-on experience in their field.
Throughout the symposium, there were insightful discussions led by respected academics, researchers, and professionals from the industry. These discussions covered a wide range of topics, from career pathway planning to the latest innovations in cyber skills. Students and educators alike shared their experiences and insights, contributing to a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge – a testament to the power of education and industry working together towards a common goal of advancing technology and nurturing the next generation of engineers.