Over the past year at MTU Kerry south campus, the REEDI team have redeveloped room B109 by creating an innovative space designed to empower students with cutting-edge tools for creativity and problem-solving. With the integration of equipment’s such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser cutting, a KUKA educational training cell, students are provided with a dynamic platform to bring their ideas to life. This space allows for hands-on learning experiences, allowing students to explore their creativity and develop practical skills crucial for today’s industry’s needs.

Through project work, students not only gain proficiency in utilising advanced technologies but also cultivate critical thinking and collaboration skills essential for their future careers. With the utilisation of this innovation space, students can prototype designs efficiently, define concepts rapidly, and ultimately, unleash their full potential as innovators. Lectures on key program modules are also delivered in B109 utilising the 85” interactive pro TV.