VIRTUE (Virtual Immersive Reality for Transformative University Education) Network

12th April 2024 from 10am – 1pm at MTU Kerry Campus

Vision and Mission:

The VIRTUE Network aims to revolutionise education through the integration of virtual immersive reality technologies. Its primary goals are:

  • Develop a comprehensive national framework to enhance the educational experience which includes standardising the use of virtual immersive reality in educational settings and ensuring consistent quality across institutions.
  • Formulate policies that govern the ethical, effective, and equitable use of virtual immersive reality in education. This involves aligning VIRTUE’s objectives with existing national education policies and addressing potential challenges related to technology integration.
  • Leverage immersive technologies to create more engaging, interactive, and accessible learning environments. This includes focusing on inclusivity and ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds can benefit from these advanced educational tools.
  • Establish a platform for educational institutions to collaborate, share resources, and expertise in the field of immersive reality. This will facilitate a more cohesive approach to educational technology implementation and innovation.

VIRTUE seeks to pave the way for a transformative change in education, making it more dynamic, interactive, and aligned with the evolving needs of the digital age.

Who can join?

If you are craving a more engaging learning experience, are passionate about innovative teaching methods, or you are looking to revolutionise your curriculum, VIRTUE is for you.

Schedule of Events:
  • Welcome Address
  • Introduction to VIRTUE’s Vision and Mission
Understanding Virtual Immersive Reality in Education
  • The Current State of Virtual Immersive Reality
  • Case Studies of Successful Virtual Immersive Reality
  • Implementations in Education
Setting National Framework for Enhanced University Education
  • Drafting a National Framework for Virtual Immersive Reality Integration
  • Policies and Regulations: Balancing Innovation and Quality Assurance
Collaborative Strategies for VIRTUE Implementation
  • Building Collaborative Networks Among Universities
  • Funding and Resource Allocation for Virtual Immersive Reality Projects
Guiding Policies and Decision-Making
  • Establishing Guidelines for Ethical and Effective Use of Immersive Reality
  • Aligning VIRTUE Goals with National Education Policies
VIRTUE Chairperson
  • Voting on VIRTUE Chairperson
Schedule of Proposed Meetings for 2024
  • Roadmap for Future VIRTUE Meetings
Closing Remarks and Future Directions
  • Summary of the Day’s Discussions and Conclusions
  • VIRTUE Meetings and Collaborations

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