REEdI, Steady, Fly

Competition for senior cycle students (4th, 5th and 6th year) in Kerry to design and build a model airplane using recycled materials.


  • The winning school receives €500 worth of resources for their science department and the winning team share €200 worth of one-for-all vouchers.
  • The runner-up school receives €250 worth of resources for their science department and the runner-up team receive €100 worth of one-for-all vouchers.


  1. A team is a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 4.
  2. The materials used to build the plane must be recycled.
  3. The dimensions of the plane are not to exceed 60cm in length x 60cm in width.
  4.  The plane must be a glider and cannot include any mechanism for propelling (think paper airplane).
  5. For the flight test the airplane must be launched by hand from a standing position at ground level.
  6. The ‘REEdI Build a model airplane competition’ poster template must be used for your entry submission.
  7. Email the completed poster in Microsoft Word format to [email protected]. A copy can be downloaded here.
  8. The deadline for submitting an entry is 5pm on Friday 16th December 2022.
  9. If your project is selected for the showcase event your team or members of your team must be available to attend the showcase and present your project on Thursday January 12th 2023.
  10.  A teacher or parent must accompany and supervise each team attending the showcase event.
  11. Projects are selected for the showcase based only on the information submitted on the poster.
  12. Finalists selected for the showcase event are judged based on the best overall score out of 100 points. With a possible 40 points for the poster, 30 points for the presentation, 30 points for the flight.