Value Stream Mapping*

The aim of this module is to develop understanding of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and its role within the Lean approach to continuous improvement. VSM is a valuable diagnostic approach to identify and quantify waste (non-value add activities) within a process. By implementing VSM within a continuous improvement initiative actions can be taken in a systematic way to eliminate waste and optimise value as goods or services flow through business processes.

Why This Module?

This module equips participants with the skills to identify problems areas, analyse, optimise, and streamline business processes.

Key Learning Outcomes:

Value Stream Mapping Overview: Identify the purpose and key components of a Value Stream Map (VSM)

Current State VSM: Evaluate and define the functional steps in common business processes and how to model and validate same using Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Project Planning for Your VSM Initiative: Examine how to calculate an organisations process efficiencies, Value Add (VA) and Non-Value Add (NVA) time and its importance in increasing productivity and competitiveness of an organisation. Evaluate an organisations processes and what is VA or NVA from a customer’s perspective, enabling increased customer satisfaction through reducing waiting/ lead times and costs.

Future State VSM: Identify opportunities to reduce/and or eliminate non-value added (or redundant) activities.

Action Planning for a VSM: Define and implement an improvement implementation/ action plan to eliminate waste from mapped processes and define the future state VSM for an organisation’s processes – whilst ensuring Senior Leadership buy-in within the organisation. 

*This module can be stacked with Continuous Improving Mentoring to gain a Special Purpose Award

Course Information

Award Type: Single Subject Certification

NQF Level: 7

Academic Credits: 5

Duration: 1 Semester

Contact Hours: 36

Delivery Mode: Blended

Assessment Type: Continuous assessment

Start Date: September 2024 (TBC)

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Whether you’re looking to upskill your yourself or your team, this module will help to enhance your knowledge in value stream mapping.

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